105m / 14,5knts Survey Vessel for Sale / #1043798
LOA 105 m Beam 20 m Draft 8,52 m Built in year 1993 Class : DNV Flag : Norway (NIS) Gross Tonnage of 9.811 and Nett Tonnage of 3.920 Deadweight : 5.539 metric tonnes Ice classed 1C Total passenger capacity 70 with 70 berths Speed : 14,5 knots Engines : 1 x Wartsila / Echevarria Wartsila 16V32D, 5.921 kw, Propellers 1 Controllable Pitch (Center) Auxiliaries Engines : 3 MaK 2.970 kw + 1 MaK 2.640 kw, Bowthruster + No Sternthruster (1 Bow Tunnel thruster 1.700kw)... read more

Length: 105m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $5,000,000
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ID: 649179  (Trade)
Posted: 16 hours ago

260' DP2 OSV
This is a 260’ DP2 OSV built in 2015 and delivered in 2016. It is ABS Class and has expanded capability certifications. It is a state of the art offshore multi-function ship. There is 750 m2 clear aft deck space, a 3 ton deck crane (but larger can be installed), and there are tuggers and capstans for offshore towing. It has walk to work capability, sleeps 58 in hotel like comfort and is very well equipped. The ship is fully operational and ready to work.... read more

Length: 260'
Location: Malaysia
Price: $15,000,000
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ID: 511606  (Trade)
Posted: 19 hours ago

Guard Service Offshore Vessel
Well maintained vessel for guard services offshore. The ship has an eminent history of such missions and a wide range of good references. On request, the ship can undertake scopes such as towing and also transport of goods in reefer cargo holds. The vessel is built and equipped to ensure operation time is kept to a maximum between service intervals. The cargo hold is converted into a large reefer room which contains an area of 203 m³. She has a top speed of 11 knots, making it a good choice for our customers. The vessel is a fully operational Guard Vessel for Operations in ... read more

Length: 43m
Location: Norway
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ID: 679883  (Trade)
Posted: 2 days ago

40m / 10knts Survey Vessel for Sale / #1004849
LOA 40 m Beam 7 m Draft 3 m Built in year 1967, rebuilt in 2008 Flag : Denmark Gross Tonnage of 203 and Nett Tonnage of 60 1 Crane / Gear installed with a max lifting capacity of 20 tons Ice strength Total 14 berths 3 cabins with 2 berths 1 cabin with 1 berth 1 cabin with 7 berths Speed : 10 knots Engines : 1 x Alpha / B&W Alpha Diesel A/S 408-26VO, 647 kw, 400 rpm, Propellers 1 Fixed Pitch (Center) Auxiliaries Engines : Bowthruster (1 Bow 74kw)... read more

Length: 40m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: €250,000
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ID: 692375  (Trade)
Posted: 3 days ago

24m / 11knts Survey Vessel for Sale / #1012394
LOA 24,4 m Beam 6,6 m Draft 4 m Built in year 1975, rebuilt in 1996 Flag : Great Britain Gross Tonnage of 138 and Nett Tonnage of 42 Deadweight : 201 metric tonnes 1 Crane / Gear installed with a max lifting capacity of ,7 tons 1 AF installed with a max lifting capacity of 2 tons Ice strength Total 15 berths 3 cabins with 1 berth 6 cabins with 2 berths Speed : 11 knots Engines : 2 x Scania / Scania AB DSI14, 748 kw, 1.800 rpm, Propellers 1 Controllable Pitch (Port Side) + 1 Controllable Pitch (Starboard) Auxiliaries Engines : 2 Isuzu 46 kw, Bowthruster + No Sternthruster (1 Bow Tu... read more

Length: 24.4m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: £425,000
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ID: 694133  (Trade)
Posted: 3 days ago

145mtr MPP DP3 Dive Support Vessel
This vessel is built to ultra high end specification. The vessel is near completion and will be ready for delivery in second quarter 2019. Built in China 2019. Flag: Bahamas. LOA: 145.90m x Beam 27.00m. Working Deck: 1,850m2. FIFI system: 3,600m3/hr. DNV-GL Class: +1A1, ICE-1C, DSV-SAT, DSV-SURFACE,DYNPOS AUTRO, DYNPOS ER, EO, SF,DK(+), COMF V(3) C(3), BIS, FiFi II, BWM-T,NAUT-OSV(A), SUPPLY VESSEL (Hull Only),HELDK-SH(CAA-N), RECYCLABLE, OFFSHORE SERVICE VESSEL+, CLEAN DESIGN, SPS 2008, Compliance with MODU Code and MOU. High spec Diving System & Spread. ROV Hangars: F... read more

Length: 145.9m
Location: China
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ID: 593183  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago

30m SUPPORT Diving Support Vessel For Charter
DO0113 SUPPORT Diving Support Vessel For Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Rebuilt 1988 to as new by Swedish Navy. Further extensive upgrade to technology and workboat DP systems in 2013. TYPE Multi-purpose installation & support vessel Dynamic Positioning System Subsea installation & recovery/construction Inspe... read more

Length: 30.14m
Location:EUROPE UK
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ID: 623864  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago

231' DP2 8,000 HP AHST Support
DESCRIPTION This is a 231’ DP2 AHST Support Ship built in China in 2010. It is ABS Class Towing FIFI DP2 vessel. There is 490 square meters clear deck space. The 2 x 4,000 hp marine engines develop up to 14 knots speed and 100 tons Bollard Pull. It is fully equipped, in very good condition, currently laid up. Type: AHTS Year Built: 2010 Port Registry/Flag: Singapore & Singapore Flag Country Built: China Yard Built: Tongfang Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co Class: ABS Notation ✠A1, (E), AH, Offshore Support Vessel/AH, Towing ... read more

Length: 231'
Location: South Korea
Price: $3,000,000
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ID: 638431  (Trade)
Posted: 6 days ago

This is a 265’ Platform Support Vessel built in Norway in 1983. It is DNV Class. It has large bow and stern thrusters and a huge clear aft deck space with a deck crane that can lift 1.5 tons at 8.5 m. The vessel can carry various platform drill liquids and large amounts of deck cargo. It is fully equipped and fully operational.... read more

Length: 265'
Location: UK
Price: $4,800,000
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ID: 370130  (Trade)
Posted: 6 days ago

50m / DP 2 Offshore Support & Construction Vessel for Sale / #1072425
LOA 50,09 m Beam 13 m Draft 4 m Built in year 2015 Class : American Bureau of Shipping Flag : Marshall Islands Gross Tonnage of 1.255 and Nett Tonnage of 376 Dynamic Positioning of class : DP 2 Free Deck area about 166m² with a deck strength of 7,5 metric tonnes per square meter 4-Point installed Fire Fighting System installed 1 KNB installed with a max lifting capacity of 25 tons Deadweight : 689 metric tonnes Capable of supplies of 265m³ Fuel Oils and 196m³ FW Total 56 berths 4 cabins with 2 berths 2 cabins with 1 berth 8 cabins with 1 berth 4 cabins with 2 berths 4 cabins with 4... read more

Length: 50.09m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $8,800,000
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ID: 638768  (Trade)
Posted: 8 days ago

197' DP1 AHST Support Ship
DESCRIPTION This is a 197’ DP 1 AHST Support Ship built in China in 2009. It has 2 x 3,000 HP diesels for 6,000 HP total power delivering 74 tons Bollard Pull. Max speed is 13 knots. It is fully equipped for towing, anchor handling and platform support with FiFi Certification, Dynamic Positioning and all appropriate deck gear. It has air-conditioned accommodations for 26. The ship is well priced for its age and capabilities. GENERAL INFORMATION Type: DP1 AHST Offshore Support Year Built: 2009 Country Built: China Class: A1 (E) Offshore Support Towing & Fire Fighting... read more

Length: 197'
Location: Malaysia
Price: $2,200,000
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ID: 638188  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

194' 5,500 HP AHST Support
DESCRIPTION This is a 194’ AHST built in 2005. It is Bureau Veritas Class. It has twin Caterpillar Diesels for 5,550 horsepower developing 60 metric ton bollard pull. There is 360 square meters of clear deck space and 1,450 metric tons deadweight. The ship is FIFI equipped. There are 14 cabins for up to 42 crew plus a hospital. The ship is very well equipped for towing, anchor handling and support operations. The ship is well priced and represents an excellent investment opportunity. GENERAL INFORMATION Type: AHST Year Built: 2005 Country Built: China LOA: 59 m/1... read more

Length: 194'
Location:New York USA
Price: $1,300,000
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ID: 638177  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

Offshore Support Vessel with Fuel Bunkering
Offshore Support Vessel with Offshore Bunkering Capability and 35 tonne Towing Hook. With a Bollard Pull of 38 tonne. Capable of Carrying a Deck Cargo of 500 tonne and with a Clear Deck Space of 265 SQ. mtrs. Maximum Speed of 12 knots with a 30 day Range. 14 Cabins 40 with Berths in total. Set up with Seismic Equipment and Capable of Re-bunkering a Seismic Vessel while in operation at approximately 5 knots. Deck Crane Fitted : 1 x 8 tonne @2.2 m to 10m Radius... read more

Length: 58m
Location:Victoria Australia
Price: $5,200,000 Tax Not Paid
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ID: 459139  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

127' Guard Support Ship
DESCRIPTION This is a 127’ Guard Support Ship built in Holland in 1981. It is a converted Beam Trawler design is known for its great seaworthiness and has been successfully used in rough North Sea Conditions for many years. The ship is certified for up to 20 persons and has permanent accommodations for 9 crew. It is very well equipped with full NAV/COM equipment. It can be used for a wide variety of operations that include guard, security, safety, rescue and general support duties. The ship is very well priced for a quick sale. GENERAL INFORMATION Type: Guard Support Year Buil... read more

Length: 127'
Location:Eastern Cape South Africa
Price: $250,000
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ID: 638086  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

This is a 178’ Offshore Supply Vessel built in 2009. On deck it has a 7,000 m cable reel, a large deck crane, a 10 ton A Frame, an MOB crane and 3 x 20’ freezer containers. There is 60 m2 dry storage below decks. There is a 500 hp Schottel Bow Thruster. Clear Deck Area: 145 m²/28 m² Cargo Platform and 44 m² on Top of Reefers. There is additional reefer and chiller storage below decks. Berthing is for 50 including crew. This ship is superbly equipped and in excellent fully operational condition. Special features: Sewage Plant : WCB for 50 men Fuel Hose Reel :... read more

Length: 178' 00"
Location: South Africa
Price: $9,500,000
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ID: 415310  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

68m / 15knts Survey Vessel for Sale / #1029959
LOA 68,41 m Beam 14 m Draft 4,88 m Built in year 1985 Flag : Vanuatu Gross Tonnage of 2.526 and Nett Tonnage of 757 Deadweight : 1.475 metric tonnes Speed : 15 knots Engines : 2 x Alpha / MAN B&W Diesel A/S 12U28L-VO, 5.040 kw, 775 rpm, Propellers 1 Controllable Pitch (Port Side Aft) + 1 Controllable Pitch (Starboard Aft) Auxiliaries Engines : Bowthruster + Sternthruster (1 Bow Thwart. CP thruster 478kw + 1 Stern Tunnel thruster 184kw)... read more

Length: 68.41m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $1,600,000
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ID: 670126  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

68m / 15,6knts Survey Vessel for Sale / #1052273
LOA 68,28 m Beam 17 m Draft 5,92 m Built in year 1993 Design is : UT 743 Mk II Flag : Vanuatu Gross Tonnage of 4.447 and Nett Tonnage of 1.335 Deadweight : 2.925 metric tonnes Ice strength Speed : 15,6 knots Engines : 2 x Normo / Ulstein Bergen AS BRM-6, 4.858 kw, 750 rpm, Propellers 1 Controllable Pitch (Port Side) + 1 Controllable Pitch (Starboard) Auxiliaries Engines : 1 Caterpillar 1.230 kw + 1 Caterpillar 932 kw, Bowthruster + No Sternthruster (1 Bow Thwart. CP thruster 597kw)... read more

Length: 68.28m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $5,000,000
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ID: 670130  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

131' Guard Support Ship
DESCRIPTION This is a 131’ Guard Support Vessel. It is a converted Dutch Beam Trawler built in 1980 and converted ib 1996 and with a major rebuild/refit in 2008. This design is proven to be exceptionally seaworthy as it was developed and successfully used in the rough North Sea commercial fishing industry. The ship is well equipped and in excellent condition. It has great range and can stay on station for long periods of time. This ship can meet a wide variety of operational uses and would also make an excellent candidate for conversion to an expedition yacht. GENERAL INFORMATIO... read more

Length: 131'
Location:Eastern Cape South Africa
Price: $295,000
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ID: 638020  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

Charter: OCVs open FOR CHARTER / contact GRS / #OCV
Offshore construction vessels are characterised by their multifunctionality. They are usually used for subsea construction projects such as laying cables and installing foundations and tidal power plants. Vessels of this type are usually equipped with a dynamic positioning (DP) system. A helicopter landing deck allows crew changes, which enables the vessel to stay offshore for long periods without returning to the harbour. The high-performance onboard crane can load heavy components even in deep water and swells and is also used to maintain wind turbines and foundations. A spacious deck an... read more

Length: 110m
Location:Hamburg Germany
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ID: 631136  (Trade)
Posted: 15 days ago

We are pleased to offer for sale this well maintained 37m deck cargo Coaster, certified for carriage of dangerous goods, with Derrick and flexible deck space. This vessel is highly adaptable, with 260m of free deck space aft which is fitted to either carry up to 16TEU of containers or can be used as one flush deck for carrying cargo. Reefer sockets on deck mean that refrigerated containers may also be carried. A Derrick forward makes this vessel suited to serving communities without large port infrastructure, indeed this vessel has served small island communities extensively under the curre... read more

Length: 36.90m
Location:West Coast Europe Co Cork Ireland
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ID: 692307  (Trade)
Posted: 20 days ago

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