12,000m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Built:2014 China Inspection place: China Classification:CCS Unrestricted Navigation Flag: China Principal Dimensions and Characteristics Length of all: 140.00m Beam: 27.00m Molded Depth: 10.10m Design Draft:7.40m Hopper capacity:12,000m3 DWT:17765t Design Speed: 15.00kn Suction diameter:1000mm Crew:45 Propeller Engine Maker:Wartsila Type:16V32 Power/speed:8000KW 775r/min Q'ty:2 sets CPP and Shaft System Maker:Wartsila Model:4E1095 Power:750kw 145rpm Q'ty:2 sets Diesel generating set Maker:Cummins Siemens Type... read more

Length: 140m
Location:Shanghai China
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ID: 552687  (Trade)
Posted: 13 hours ago

26100 KW Non-propelled Heavy Duty Cutter Suction Dredger Built:2017 China Flag: China Class:CCS Unrestricted Navigation Inspection place: China Principal Dimensions and Characteristics Length of all: 130.00m Beam: 28.00 m Molded Depth: 8.00 m Design Draft: 5.50 m Dredge depth:6-36 m Discharge diameter & suction diameter of pipe:1000 mm Discharge distance:6 km Total install power:26100 kw Inboard Pump Maker:HK Holland Shaft Power:6,000 KW Revolution:315 RPM Head:87.84 m Water flow:19800 cbm/hr Q'ty:2 sets Pump Engine Maker:Wartsila Type:W12V32 Rate pow... read more

Length: 130m
Location:Shanghai China
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ID: 552685  (Trade)
Posted: 14 hours ago

13mtr Cutter Suction Dredge
This 8' cutter suction barge may be dismounted and road transported. Built 1974 in operational condition, sale or charter, ex France LOA 13m x 3.05m and weights 15t. The 180hp engine drives the Denver Orion 150/150 EG pump. Suction pipe 300mm and discharge pipe 200mm. The vessel can work to depths of 4.5mtrs. Hydraulic lifting Spuds length 7.3mtrs. GPS positioning system. Additional grass cutter for submarine vegetation areas. For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.... read more

Length: 13m
Location: France
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ID: 657818  (Trade)
Posted: 14 hours ago

We are pleased to exclusively offer for sale this 69m trailing suction hopper dredger The vessel has worked extensively in local waters as a sand dredger as is reported in excellent condition. Dredge pump is a PUMP IHC 550mm diameter pipe. Cargo capacity is about 790 cube on a deadweight of 1,923tons. Max dredge depth under the keel is 26.5m with a load time of about two and a half hours. Self-discharge is via a bucket system. Hull strengthen for operation aground. For further information please contact our office.... read more

Length: 69.2m
Location: UK
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ID: 709153  (Trade)
Posted: 20 hours ago

2010 Portable Suction Dredge
2010 Portable Suction Dredge Price: $147,000 CDN Width: 8’6 Length: 26', Cutter head 18' Draft: 20″ 6″ Suction, 8″ Discharge Both sides can discharge or can be discharged out stern valves on discharge lines Digging depth approx 8′ Articulating cutter head – approx 6′ swing Powered by a 4-53 GM Located in Southern Ontario (Lake Erie area) File Ref D2138... read more

Length: 25'
Location:Lake Erie Ontario Canada
Price: $147,000
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ID: 635572  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

1972 Grab hopper dredger
!972 grab hopper dredger 'Mannin' for sale. 33.26m length, 8m beam.Built by Cook's of Wivenhoe, Essex. Gross tonnage 172 tons. 100m3 hopper with 170T capacity with a 2m maximum draft. Kelvin T8 main engine driving a single propeller through a nozzle. Two Lister HR3 driving all auxiliaries including two 20KVA single phase generators. One Yanmar 13KVA harbour set in forward compartment. Priestman Lion 25 dredging crane with 1.5 m3 Verstegen rope operated dredging grab and brand new Verstegen 1.5m3 grab included. Five year International Load Line carried out in 2021. Bottom openin... read more

Length: 33.26m
Location:Padstow Cornwall UK
Price: £395,000 Excluding VAT
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ID: 698076  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago

Crane barge dredger work boat
General info Length (m) 33.12 Beam (m) 6.30 Draft max (m) 2.20 Airdraft (m) 5.20 Displacement max. 220.752 Shipyard Niestern Sander BV, Delfzijl Year of constr. 1922 Navigation VHF 2x Sailor RT2048 GPS Furuno Depth sounder Furuno Autopilot Radio Zeeland Sigma 500 Radar Radio Holland TFT radar Rate of turn Radio Zeeland Sigma 500 Rudder indicator Radio Zeeland Sigma 500 Intercom yes Remaining 2x Acer TFT screen for navigation and camera Auxillary Shore current 400 Volt Generatorset 1x Deutz 400 Vol... read more

Length: 33.12m
Location:Dintelmond-Rotterdam- The Netherlands Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Price: €450,000
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ID: 399859  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

1971 Dredger - Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger For Sale
1156BSB Dredger - Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger For Sale - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - Rebuilt 2020 Displacement: 469 tons Cargo capacity 140 M3 Consumption per hour about 25/30litres... read more

Length: 39.35m
Location:ADRIA Serbia
Price: €500,000
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ID: 665527  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

2006 BLT 3500 CBM TSHD
3500m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Built:2006 China Delivery:Promptly Inspection place:Guangzhou, China Flag: Cambodia Principal Dimensions and Characteristics Length of all: 94.68m Beam: 16.80m Molded Depth: 7.10m Design Draft:6.30m Design hopper capacity:4000m3 Speed: 11.00kn Operation speed:2-3kn Min.dredging depth:4m Max.Dredging depth:25m Fuel oil consumption:7 tons Loading time:40-60min. Dumping time:5 min. Over flow system:Hydraulic type Discharge system:dumping door Rainbow/bow discharge system:nil,can be install as per buyer request at buyer account Crew:3... read more

Length: 94m
Location: China
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ID: 462243  (Trade)
Posted: 12 days ago

Split Hopper Barge 50m / 12,3m Pontoon / Barge for Sale / #1048259
General details as follows: LOA 50,3 m Beam 12,3 m Draft 1,95 m Built in year 1997 Class : Phoenix Register of Shipping Flag : Turkey Gross Tonnage of 489 and Nett Tonnage of 147 Deadweight : 1.018 metric tonnes Engines : 2 x G.M. (Detroit Diesel) / Detroit Diesel 16V-71, 736 kw, 1.800 rpm, Propellers 1 Fixed Pitch (Port Side) + 1 Fixed Pitch (Starboard)... read more

Length: 50.3m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $950,000
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ID: 572551  (Trade)
Posted: 12 days ago

32mtr Cutter Suction Dredge
32mtr Cutter Suction Dredge Located in France, this Cutter Suction Barge built in 1998 is available for prompt delivery. The vessel may be partially dismounted for road transportation. Classification BV (expired May 2018). LOA 32m x 7.8m x 1.23m. Discharge Diameter 14/16. Max pump flow 2880m3/h clean water. 100kW power cutter (1350mm). 2 x 19mtr spuds. Hiab 200 crane 2.5t@6.4m, 1.35t@ 10.5m. For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.... read more

Length: 32m
Location: France
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ID: 642589  (Trade)
Posted: 13 days ago

1968 Dredger - Grab Hopper Dredger For Sale & Charter
1143BSB Dredger - Grab Hopper Dredger For Sale & Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Last SS 09/2019 Last annual survey 09/2020 Vessel fully rebuilt 2014 Draft (Light) 1.2 m Hopper Capacity 120 m3 Grab Capacity 2 m3 Deck Crane PLM 30, 12m boom Is a modern, compact and efficient self-propelled grab hopper dredger. Equipped with a 360 degree azimuth propulsion unit, self-elevating spud legs and a shallow draft, she is highly manoeuvrable vessel able to dredge in more confined hard to reac... read more

Length: 24.69m
Location:UK COAST East Sussex UK
Price: £325,000
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ID: 651571  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

94.85m Cutter Suction Dredger 3200cbm
Built: China, Flag: China. Navigation Area: Offshore. Inspection Place: Zhoushan, China. Dredging Depth: 28m. Suction Diameter: 820mm. Accommodation: 25. Max. Discharge Distance: 3.5km. Main Engine Type: 12V280ZC, Manufacture: Ziyang, C.S.R. Crane: Two sets SWL 80KN 9m.... read more

Length: 94.85m
Location: China
Price: $8,000,000
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ID: 697306  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

1988 Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale
1116BSB DREDGER Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - - Refit auxiliary engine 2016 - Maintenance main engine 2016 - Navigation permit expired in May 2018 - National Load Line certificate expired in May 2018 - Class certificate expired in May 2018 (Class BV I HULL sheltered area) - Presence of asbestos in paintings - Can be road transported (dismountable) - Hydraulically operated spuds - Reports from 2017 show: o Main engine: 290 hours o Auxiliary engine: 6205 hours o Diesel group: 9600 hours There are 2 impellers in stock DISCHARGE DIAMETER 16 inches M... read more

Length: 32m
Location:WEST MED France
Price: €200,000
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ID: 626739  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

Mudcat MC915 Auger Dredge
Mudcat MC915 Auger Dredge Construction material – Steel •Length : 38’ 11″ •Width : 9′ 0″ •Height : O.A.8’8′ •Weight : 21,000 lbs. & Dry •Draft : 21″ •Floating Clearance : 6’9″ •Fuel Capacity : 360 gallons •Pontoons : Two 36″ x 32″ x 330″ 10 Gauge H.R. Steel with Internal Bulkheads and Stiffeners; formed for rigidity; polyurethane foam filled •Auger: Diameter 13-5/8″ •Pitch : 11″ •Flighting: 3/8″ •Speed: Up to 100 RPM... read more

Length: 38' 11"
Location:Belleville Ontario Canada
Price: $157,500
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ID: 290599  (Trade)
Posted: 21 days ago

10m Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger
MULTITOOL is the ideal machine for civil engineering, construction and dredging companies, as well as municipalities and governments who have projects in shallow waters The MOC amphibious multipurpose dredger is a very cost effective machine capable of dredging, clearing and piling on dry land, muddy & swamp conditions in water depth up to 6.57m. The compact equipment provides an excellent alternative against various other machines capable to perform single tasks only. Easily transported by truck and is able to load and unload itself from transportation truck on its own. The MOC amp... read more

Length: 10m
Location: Australia
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ID: 656319  (Trade)
Posted: 25 days ago

1970 DREDGER Bucket
1005BSB 1970 DREDGER Bucket Dredger For Sale & Charter FROM DIRECT OWNERS OTHER DETAILS Dredger suitable for dredging cohesive silt, sand, soft to stiff clay and acceptable for dredging loose silt, loose rocks, pre-treated rocks and very weak rocks. Its actual production rate varies from 100 to 200 m3/hr (1600 to 3200 m3/day based ... read more

Length: 46.50m
Location:EAST MED Israel
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ID: 476048  (Trade)
Posted: 26 days ago

NEW 15000t 3-in-1 Sand Carrier Dredgers
The ship has a total of 14watertight transverse bulkheads, respectively FR4, FR9, FR26, FR44, FR56, FR70, FR82, FR96, FR108, FR122, FR134, FR147, FR161 and FR173.2 watertight longitudinal bulkheads,2Longitudinal mud tank bulkhead. The main hull is divided into empty compartments from head to tail (6400Under the platform is the first ballast tank), sail cable tank, emergency firefighting Pump room (starboard), empty space, cargo hold (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th), Mud pump room, engine room, diesel tank, steering gear room above, and stern ballast tank.... read more

Length: 140.11m
Location: China
Price: $12,000,000
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ID: 705272  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

7000m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger
7000m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Built year:2009 Inspection place:China Classification:CCS Principal Dimensions and Characteristics Length of all: 108.6m Length of Hull: 98.8m Beam: 20.6m Molded Deepth: 8.5m Design Draft:5.5m DWT:8800t Speed: 12.00kn Dredging depth:30m Crew:33 Endurance:25days Main Engine Shanxi Dieseal Engine Factory Main Engine type:8DKM-28(Daihatsu) Power/speed:2500KW 750r/min Q'ty:2 sets GearBox CHONGQING Gearbox Group Co.,Ltd Type:GWC45/49(starboard/port) Reduction rate:2.4671:1 Diesel generating set Manufacutre:Henan Dieseal Engine Factory Model:TBD60... read more

Length: 108m
Location: China
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ID: 402601  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

NB Order 100 m3  Watermaster Dredger
100 m3 Watermaster Dredger Principal Dimensions and Characteristics Length of all:11 m Beam: 3.3 m Height:3.1 m Weight:20 t F.O.tank:2000 liter Electric system:24 v Battery:2 X 240 amp Dredging Depth:6.5 m Suction diameter:250mm Discharge diameter:250 mm Discharge distance:1.5 km Speed: 4 knots Delivery time:4 month Engine Type:QSB6.7 Rate power:260 hp RPM:2200r/min Maker:Cummins Chongqin Hydraulic System Working pressure:25 MPa Flow:145 ml/r Usage:drive dredge pump and propulsion system Working pressure:25 MPa Flow:85 ml/r Usage:drive dredging equipment and stabilizers Inboard Pump T... read more

Location: China
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ID: 402083  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

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